AstraNet Systems Ltd

astranet_logo1AstraNet Systems Ltd is a specialist supplier of standard and custom designed spectrophotometers for use in laboratory, industrial and process control applications. From design concepts through manufacture, supply and support AstraNet offers optimised solutions to your analysis through ‘Accurate measurement with light’.

Based in Cambridge, England their products have found application right round the world in Life Science, Environmental, Research and Industrial applications. With many years experience, their expertise spans from ultra-violet and visible to near infrared spectrophotometry as well as fluorimetry, radiometry, colour, turbidity and other optical measurement techniques

Astranet Systems bring all the advantages of their fibre-optic-coupled CCD array (FOC CCD) technology to the most complex applications for both end-user and OEM customers. Using the benefits of real-time spectral analysis, with no moving parts and unencumbered by a restricting sample chamber, these tools enable the most effective and robust solutions to be implemented.


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