Frequently Asked Questions

Some frequently received inquiries regarding the Labcritics Marketplace and Labcritics in General

Q: How does a manufacturer or distributor get a product reviewed

A: All products on our site will be listed with aggregated reviews. For in-depth expert reviews, the manufacturer or distributor needs to contact us. The in-depth reviews will also be featured on the Labcritics news/articles section.

Q: Who can list products on Labcritics marketplace?

A: Both manufacturers and distributors can get their products listed on Labcritics.

Q: How are you differentiating yourself from your competition?

A: The Labcritics marketplace was formed after surveying the needs of researchers and the problems they face in identifying and procuring lab equipment. We are going beyond just listing products, we are focusing on particular problems that bug researchers, manufacturers and distributors.. Below are some of the problems that we are focusing on and their solutions:
- Absence of Reviews and Fake Reviews: Aggregated and in-depth reviews to help paint a clear picture of the equipment
- Inability to Compare Equipment: Comparison charts that pitch lab equipment against each other in key areas
- Inability to Find Local Product Distributors: Locationwise listing of all distributors for a particular each product
- Trusting Distributors: Distributor ratings and referrals from peers

Q: Who does the reviews on the website, your team or users?

A: Product reviews are a combination of expert reviews, our reviews, customer reviews, along with reviews from service providers and technicians.

Q: Is there a chance of competitors falsifying reviews to make one company look bad?

A: There is no way reviews on Labcritics can be falsified. We make sure that all our experts, customers and other sources are real and their reviews are true representations of their experience.

Q: Who are your target audience?

A: Anyone and everyone involved in any kind of research or lab work along with decision makers around the world are our target. Besides we also wanna show the next generation of researchers all the cool gadgets researchers get to use everyday.

Q: Is there any cost to the user that wants information about a specific instrument?

A: Website is completely free for the end users.