Bertin Technologies

logo-bertinSince its foundation in 1956, Bertin has been at the forefront of innovation, one of the leading players in the field of industrial modernization, offering a unique combination of expertise and the development and supply of equipment of a highly technological nature.

Each and every day, our engineers and experts deploy their multi-disciplinary know-how in order to serve our clients and customers working in the sectors of Energy, Environment, Life Sciences, Defence, Aerospace, Industry and Services.

Bertin Technologies occupies a unique position in the field of Health and Life Sciences, with a wide-ranging offer in terms of innovative equipment and services for pharmaceutical research and development.

Bertin Technologies provides “off-the-shelf” laboratory equipment (biological sample grinding and air quality control) and proposes equipment development services in the fields of diagnosis, sample preparation, microbiology, molecular biology, cellular biology and immuno-analysis.

Bertin’s engineers and biologists work in integrated teams to design and produce a range of equipment for the pharmaceutical industry (laboratories and biotechnology institutes), as well as public and private research institutes.


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