Boreal Genomics

boreal_logoBoreal Genomics delivers innovative technologies that enable genetic analysis of the most challenging samples in life science research and clinical diagnostics. Our methods revolutionize approaches to total nucleic acid extraction and the targeted enrichment of specific DNA sequences.

Nucleic acid extraction is commercially available in the Aurora Purification System which enables recovery of high yield and purity of nucleic acids for successful PCR analysis or sequencing of challenging samples such as soil and environmental matrices rich in inhibitors including oil sands, sediments and contaminated water; stool; plant tissues and seeds; and difficult forensic casework specimens. The technology also enables recovery of very high molecular weight DNA from 50 kb –1 Mb for cloning, library generation, and other genome analysis technologies.

OnTarget™ allele enrichment is a second-generation technology that is capable of unprecedented enrichment of nucleic acids based on sequence and allows researchers to detect and sequence both known and unknown rare somatic mutations by performing selective wild-type allele depletion. By improving the sensitivity of downstream detection assays, OnTarget™ is being developed to enable non-invasive monitoring of cancer and improved effectiveness of targeted therapies.

Boreal holds an exclusive license to a broad patent portfolio from the University of British Columbia on the novel Synchronous Coefficient of Drag Alteration (SCODA) technology.


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