Zymo Research

zymo_researchSince its inception in 1994, Zymo Research has been proudly serving the scientific community by providing innovative, high quality research tools at affordable prices. Although historically recognized for its innovative DNA and RNA purification technologies, Zymo Research has recently received much attention for its rapidly expanding epigenetics portfolio of products. Zymo Research has rebanded itself as “The Epigenetics Company” with an objective to develop and provide the most comprehensive set of research tools for DNA methylation analysis and epigenetics research available today.

Thousands of peer-reviewed scientific publications from researchers around the world feature the company’s epigenetic technologies along with other products. To date, the EZ DNA Methylation™ family of products remain the most popular and cited technologies available for bisulfite treatment of DNA for methylation-specific analysis. Zymo Research has many new technologies also developed for histone, chromatin, and small RNA analysis and for the next era of DNA methylation detection and analysis.

Website: www.zymoresearch.com

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