Labcritics Lab Marketplace

Decision Support System for Researchers


The Labcritics marketplace serves as a guide book for lab equipments, consumables and services, aimed at streamlining the process of choosing lab equipment. Call it a decision support system for researchers, decision makers and CEO's to make the right deicision when it comes to that crucial laboratory product.

Formulated after facing problems ourselves and the result of hundreds of research inputs, the marketplace seeks to cut short the time it takes to decide and order a product by more than half, without any buyer's remorse.


Expert Reviews

Aggregated Reviews

Concise and curated expert & daily user reviews highlighting the pros and cons


Product Comparisons

Easy and clear comparison of products, enabling informed decisions

live consultation

Live Consultations

Live consultations for products and services from experts who identify needs and give suggestions

product rating

Distributor Ratings

Helping make choosing a distributor easier by providing distributor ratings

global distributors

Global Distributors

Updated contacts to global distributors are provided on the product page


User Reviews

Providing additional assurance to buyers and decision makers

A third party review generates a substitute/complementary effect because it reduces the customers need for advertising information. 1


Plans Basic General Corporate Custom
Manufacturers / Global Distributors
1 5
Products Listed 20* 60* 150*
Newsletter Ads - 2
Indept Reviews - 2
Product Offers - 5
Price $199
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VsLabcritics Biocompare
Product Comparisons Yes No Not Possible
Curated Info Yes None None
Product Reviews Segregated Product Reviews Paid "User" Reviews Paid User Reviews
Possibility of Fake Product Reviews None Quite Possible Quite Possible
Global Distributor Contacts Yes No No
Distributor Rating Yes No No
Product Ratings Yes Yes Yes
Original Articles Yes Yes No
News Updates Yes Yes No
Live Consultations Yes* No No
Mobile & Tablet Optimized Website Yes Yes No


I am most frustrated by (i) the lack of comprehensive comparisons of products and (ii) the lack of useful product reviews. If labcritics could provide this, that'd be great. Also, so far adverts in magazines had no influence on my equipment purchases.

Dr. Dietrich, Columbia University

The major problem is how to compare the quality of a equipments with same kind of products from different companies. Magazine adverts don't help much. We usually checked the website of the companies.

I think labcritics is doing right things: list comparison between different products, and unbiased product review. All these will be helpful.

Dr. Li, New York University

The main problem is the machine technical performance and how suitable is to the required needs. Then it comes the price (assuming that budget is available for the different options).

Magazines are useful only to get notice of a new piece of equipment. I would rarely decide by looking to an ad.

Labcritics can help me to understand the state of the art technology in my field (only for the wet lab part). The display is fancy and it seems useful.

Dr. Millet, CICbiogune