Bruker Introduces New SKYSCAN 1275 Automated, Desktop Micro-CT System

KONTICH, Belgium – October 22, 2015 – With the introduction of the new SKYSCAN™ 1275 highly automated, self-optimizing desktop X-ray microtomograph, Bruker puts class-leading imaging into the hands of materials and life scientists in both research and industrial applications, such as high-throughput 3D imaging in quality control and production process monitoring.  The system takes advantage of new X-ray source technology and efficient flat-panel detectors to reduce scan time to just a few minutes, without compromising image quality.

The SKYSCAN 1275 software features 2D/3D image analysis, as well as a realistic 3D visualization that employs recent developments in reconstruction algorithms, accelerated by new powerful graphics cards to give an additional gain in performance and speed.  The outcome is the rapid and realistic visualization of results by volume rendering.  Fabulous images of the internal microstructure of an object reveal details by virtual cut or virtual flight around and inside the objects.

Importantly, all these performance advances are delivered in a system that provides an unprecedented level of automation.  Push-button operation with a preselected sequence of actions, including scanning, reconstruction and volume rendering, means that even routine users can successfully obtain high-quality results with the SKYSCAN 1275.

The SKYSCAN 1275 has an object size range up to 96mm in diameter and 120mm in length, which can also accommodate mid-sized samples.  Optional stages for micro-positioning and material testing allow scanning of a sample under a range of conditions, e.g. compression, tension, heating or cooling.
Dr. Alexander Sasov, Managing Director at Bruker microCT, explained: “The SKYSCAN 1275 provides our customers a fast, easy-to-use system that is ideal for scanning a wide range of samples.  It supports a variety of applications, from analyzing building materials and electronic assemblies for quality control, to geological research for oil and gas exploration, to anatomical pathology research.  By providing high-quality 3D non-destructive imaging with significantly reduced scan times and unprecedented ease of use, the new SKYSCAN 1275 delivers increased efficiency for scientific research and industrial applications.”

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