Product Reviews

Unbiased Reviews of Lab Gear


Labcritics is bringing third party reviews to the extremely expensive and competitive lab equipment marketplace. By providing researchers and decisions makers with detailed pros and cons, we are helping researchers make informed decisions without the need to spend weeks deciding, making hundreds of calls and getting in touch with their peers for advice.
As for companies, we would refer them to this study that points out that, “A third party review generates a substitute/complementary effect because it reduces the customers need for advertising information. ”


Fake reviews, no reviews and short reviews are common around the web. They end up causing confusion and uncertainty. Fake reviews can destroy the reputation of a company, while absence of reviews can have negative impact on the sales. When it comes to smartphones and watches, customers have reviews from reputed websites and magazines to base their decisions on. However, researchers so far have been left out when it comes to Lab tech, which is where we come in.


We will focus on various lab technologies that have been launched in the past two years. From mass spectrometers to next-gen sequencing technologies and even the common pipettes, we will bring you reviews of every equipment that we can get our hands on.
Apart from these, the lab equipment we post on our lab marketplace pages from our registered distributors and manufacturers will have aggregated reviews, which will reflect the overall sentiment of the product.


Reviews are combination of expert inputs with first hand on experience with the lab equipment, along with inputs from its customers, technicians, the company’s own employees and you. For in-depth reviews of recently launched equipment, we make sure we experience the equipment ourselves and also bring along an expert on site with us to carry out comparative tests and give us detailed unbiased inputs on the same.
Since we cannot review all the lab tech, we will also have aggregated reviews, these are combination of genuine past user reviews + customer survey’s and our own inputs that paint a clear picture of the equipment and its uses.
Factors that we judge these on are: speed, accuracy, efficiency, environmental costs, maintenance cost, running costs, ergonomics, value for money, compatibility and other equipment specific variables.