AB SCIEX & Illumina Create a Multi-Omics Environment


AB SCIEX and Illumina are announcing OneOmics: a combination of Next Generation Proteomics (NGP) and Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) in existing cloud-computing environment.

“The integration of proteomic and genomic data analysis through a partnership with AB SCIEX and Illumina is an exciting collaboration that will bring democratization of computational efforts, general access and standardization of data analysis, and provide a platform for systems biology in life sciences,” said Leroy Hood, President of the Institute for System Biology.

BaseSpace, Illumina’s genomics cloud computing platform, will host SWATH, AB SCIEX’s Proteomics Tool Kit, while a cloudconnect plugin for swath will bring BaseSpace tools to SWATH. BaseSpace allows planning the entire workflow of NGS, from sample preparation to sequencing and analysis with dozens of third party applications. Now, four additional SWATH apps from AB SCIEX allow uploading, processing and visualizing NGP data in the cloud. Protein Expression Extractor processes raw mass spectrometry data 50 times faster than conventional MS. Protein Expression Assembleranalyzes protein fold-change. Protein Expression Browser visualizes results in the biological context. Protein Expression Analytics reviews data quality. SWATH also eases collaborations by having all data in the cloud, saves computer space from large data files and allows secure location of valuable data.

SWATH Apps Included are:

  • Protein Expression Extractor – for processing raw mass spectrometry data
  • Protein Expression Assembler – for protein fold-change analysis
  • Protein Expression Browser – to visualize results in biological context
  • Protein Expression Analytics – for data quality review

Source: AB SCIEX and Illumina Collaborate to Create World’s First Multi-omics Cloud-Computing Environment

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