Agilent Introduces SureSelect Target Enrichment System for Ion Proton System


Agilent Technologies Inc. has introduced SureSelect target enrichment solution for Ion Proton devices. By including Ion Proton to the list, the company has made available its SureSelect target enrichment solution to all the major sequencers currently available out there in the market, enabling researchers to achieve the highest performance target enrichment results.

The use of desktop sequencers for next generation sequencing plays an important part in clinical research. SureSelect solution for high throughput sequencers offers high sensitivity and specificity with fast, easy workflow to generate sequencer-ready samples in less than a day and half. With more than 99 percent single nucleotide polymorphism concordance rates, SureSelect also enables researchers develop custom panels for their target of interest using Agilent SureDesign online design software. SureSelect Human All Exon V5 is the most widely used human exome kit and is now available for Ion Proton researchers using the SureSelect TE Reagent Kit for Ion Proton.

Source: Agilent

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