AssayMAP Peptide Sample-prep Solution by Agilent for Hi-throughput MS Analysis


Agilent Technologies, the world leaders in analytical instruments and solutions has recently announced the launch of its latest AssayMAP peptide sample-prep solution for mass spectroscopy analysis. The AssayMAP solution resolves the issues faced during sample preparation for LC/MS analysis by automating protein digestion, peptide cleanup and fractionation of large number of samples.

The use of AssayMAP peptide sample-prep solution drastically reduces the time taken for preparing a large number of samples using traditional methods which calls for a lot of hands-on time, and also unreliable in terms of reproducibility. AssayMAP is easy to use and comes with validated automation protocols run by intuitive software, the AssayMAP Bravo liquid-handling instrument and AssayMAP cartridges for peptide cleanup and fractionation. The new AssayMAP solution comes at the time when more and more scientists are opting for LC/MS based methods for discovering biomarkers, requiring processing of large number of samples on a regular basis.

Source: Agilent

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