AutoGen Fully Automatizes DNA Isolation

AutoGen-Flex-Star-1In collaboration with Qiagen, AutoGen has launched the FlexStar, a nucleic acid extraction system that fully automates the process of extracting DNA from whole blood, tissues, cells or saliva. The new method reduces users potential errors and time dedicated to the task. AutoGen´s instrumentation is combined with Qiagen’s FlexiGene chemistry, a precipitation method that yields high-purity DNA apt for durable storage.

FlexStar Features

The FlexStar DNA extraction system is completely automated. Samples just need to be inserted into FlexStar tubes and loaded on the system. At this point, the protocol is launched and the user is free to do other things. All the isolation process is done without human intervention. The system can process 30 samples per batch and 90 per day. Samples are tracked throughout the whole process by an internal bar code scanning system. Specific software documents all the actions, which can be downloaded to the local LIMS. Pure genomic DNA yield is high, and the purity is maintained even after years of storage.

AutoGen-Flex-Star-3FlexiStar uses an extraction chemistry provided by Qiagen which is completely based on buffers, so no columns or beads are used in the process. Nuclei pellets are collected and RNA is removed more easily. Proteins are eliminated by proteases. The purified samples are compatible with all downstream processes.

Other benefits of the FlexStar are its compact size, robustness, reduced down time -10X more uptime than competitors-, economical price -25% lower operating costs that rivals- and reliable after-sales service.

FlexStar Modules and Software

AutoGen-Flex-Star-4The FlexStar includes a centrifuge, 7 motor-driven syringes, workstation robot and mixing and heating modules. The user interface is an LCD touchscreen where parameters and protocols can be controlled, modified and stored. Specific samples can be tracked down and reported.

The biorepositories industry, crucial for the advancement of diagnostic and treatment of diseases, will surely benefit from FlexStar. Repositories depend on a robust DNA purification system and on the integrity of the samples. FlexStar can provide all these things at a reasonable price.

Source: AutoGen




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