Bento Lab: DNA Laboratory for Your Backpack

Quick Lab Start Edition

A new Kickstarter campaign has just gone live with the aim of manufacturing a laptop sized DNA lab that includes three quintessential tools necessary for DNA research.

Initiated way back in 2013, the founders of Bento Lab seek to create a single tool which makes DNA research simple and quick. Bento Lab DNA lab consists of a centrifuge, a mini PCR thermocycler and a gel UV illuminiser to visualize the separated DNA strands. It theoretically seeks to simplify DNA extraction, amplification and visualization after gel electrophoresis.

Aimed towards DIY garage researchers, field & citizen scientists, foragers and mycologists, veterinary students and farmers, wine brewers, for demostration in schools and outdoor events, etc. The range of applications is quite extensive as well and the price is currently listed at EURO 549 for the limited edition and EURO 699 for the normal edition. The package comes in a lab edition and a lab only edition, the latter differentiated by a starter kit that includes all the basic tools to start working with basic DNA analysis. The full list of included items can be found below:

DNA Field Analysis

What’s even more remarkable is that the entire project is open source and supported by HackteriaOpenPCR project and the iGEM community. Bento Lab will begin deliveries by November 2016.

Source: Bento Lab: A DNA laboratory for everybody



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