Berthold Technologies Launches New Mithras2 Monochromator Multimode Reader

Mithras² LB 943 Monochromator Multimode Reader

Berthold Technologies has introduced the advanced Mithras2 LB943 Monochromator Multimode Reader, a high-end monochromator-based microplate multimode reader with enhanced versatility.

In addition to its renowned sensitivity, Mithras2 LB943 employs two double monochromators to provide flexible excitation and emission wavelengths in 1 nm increments and exceptional performance with variable bandwidths (6 – 22 nm) as well as a high f number for high light transmission and high blocking efficiency. Its flexibility therefore allows measurement of a numerous fluorescence, absorbance and luminescence assays.

Another advantage of including a monochromator in a microplate reader is the elimination of unnecessary manipulation and storage accessories, as compared to filter-based readers to achieve some cost savings.

Monochromator based systems are also capable of running spectral scans for the characterization of new fluorophores and in the study of spectral shifts. Unlike dedicated instruments which are often limited by optical differences, the scanning function of Mithras2 LB943 is enhanced with a proprietary optical system for optimum performance.

Thus, the monochromator-based Mithras2 LB943’s capability of measuring a wide range of cell-based, functional, reporter gene and immunoassays makes it ideal for a wide range of applications.

Source: Press Release

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