Bio-Rad Launches S3 Compact Cell Sorting System


Bio-Rad Laboratories Inc., manufacturers and distributors of a broad range of research and clinical diagnostic products for the life sciences industry has introduced its latest cell sorter. The new Bio-Rad S3 cell sorter is an economical, easy to use automated benchtop cell sorter suitable for a wide range of laboratory applications.

The new S3 cell sorter comes equipped with one or two lasers that enables up to four color detection along with forward and side scatter detectors. Bio-Rad S3 cell sorter is a compact device with internalized fluidics and temperature control, making it ideal for labs with space constraints. The automated setup includes fully automated drop delay calculation, stream-to-laser alignment, droplet break-off monitoring and feedback, and it doesn’t require user input or constant monitoring.

The device is ideal for sorting cells that are expressing fluorescent protein and those labeled with fluorescent markers. It can also be used for isolating individual cells for single cell PCR or digital PCR studies. Bio-Rad S3 cell sorter system provides laboratories with a compact high speed cell sorting solution that maintains exceptional sensitivity and purity.

Bio-Rad S3 cell sorter has a simplified user friendly experimental setup where instrument setup and calibration can be done in less than 30 minutes with minimal training. And also, the automatic cleaning feature with dual position loading stage reduces carryover to ensure clean sample lines before sorting runs. All these features make the new S3 cell sorter system desirable to researchers and laboratories.

Source: Bio-Rad

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