BMG Labtech Launches the Pherastar FSX Microplate Reader


Pherastar FSX. Credit: BMG Labtech.

BMG Labtech is about to launch the PHERAstar® FSX, a high-throughput plate reader based on their FS platform. The FSX is considered the most sensitive reader on the market. It features the fastest fluorescence intensity and fluorescence polarization detection and the highest dynamic range for luminiscence measurements. The device will be presented at the Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening Conference (SLAS2016) that will take place from Jan 23-27 in San Diego, CA.

The Pherastar FSX can perform Simultaneous Dual Emission detection for Alphaplex, which reduces read times by 50%. The specialy designed optic modules allow to use filters, mirrors, dichroics, and polarizers for every application. Four photomultiplier tubes (PMTs) are automatically selected for each detection mode. High-throughput methods are possible thanks to robotic integration, multi-user control and the MARS software. The FSX and the CLARIOstar can be combined for assay development and high-throughput screening.

Pherastar FSX is superior to other readers thanks to an optical design that features three independent light sources. The TRF/TR-FRET laser can fire 60 flashes per second at high precision for plate formats up to 3456 wells.

Source: BMG



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