Building Custom Genes with SGI-DNA’s BioXp 3200 System


Researchers will have first-hand experience with the new BioXp 3200 System following the launch of its Early Access Program by SGI-DNA Inc. With a capacity of 32 genes of 400 bp to 1.8kb, the BioXp 3200 System is a hands-free personal bench top workstation that delivers high quality synthetic DNA fragments.

This system utilizes the Gibson Assembly technology which boasts of efficient assembly as well as a unique error correction technology producing high fidelity sequences. The BioXP 3200 System is reported to yield reproducible data and the resulting DNA fragments are ready for various downstream applications, hence are relatively time-saving and less labor-intensive compared to conventional methods.

The BioXp 3200 System Early Access Program enables researchers to enjoy enhanced level of technical and customer support in addition to the current SGI-DNA’s custom gene synthesis service. This easy-to-use system would provide the opportunity for advancement in the research of synthetic biology and satisfy all gene synthesis needs.

Source: Synthetic Genomics

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