CROWDACURE: Crowdfunding Platform For Rare Diseases

Research Crowdfunding Platform

A new website is trying to do what kickstarter has done for hundreds of entrepreneurs around the world in terms of gaining support for idea stage ventures. Crowdacure is helping researchers raise funds for “hard to fund” medical research.

The hard to fund medical areas include tropical diseases, rare diseases and even common yet ignored diseases such as phantom limb pain. It also seeks to include under it umbrella rarely studied but vital things such as nutraceuticals and generic drugs.

Although not that different from, Crowdacure is trying to focus on just the human health aspects of research aiming to raise funds from those affected and the one’s connected to them. Let’s be frank, not everyone is a billionaire to personally fund research that has affected them or their loved ones. Altough

It has so far successfully raised funds for Osteoporosis research, a disease so far thought to be an autoimmune disease. The researcher aims to study the connection between osteoporosis and certain viruses that could be causing osteoporosis in humans.

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