Epigentek Launches EpiNext Kits for Next Generation Sequencing

EpiNext_Next Generation Sequencing

Epigentek, a global biotechnology company specializing in epigenetics has launched a series of products catering to the Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) requirements. The new products developed as a part of the company’s EpiNext range includes EpiNext Bisulfite-Seq High Sensitivity Kit and EpiNext High Sensitivity DNA Library Preparation Kit. These kits are designed to be compatible with the industry’s widely used Illumina sequencer platforms, and will be made available for Ion Torrent based systems in the near future.

One of the major issues faced during the preparation of DNA libraries for next generations sequencing is the requirement of large amounts of starting material, and this poses a huge problem when it comes to analyzing embryonic tissue samples and tumour biopsies. The techniques currently employed to work around these challenges are too costly and labour intensive. The EpiNext kits addresses these issues, allowing next generation sequencing library preparation and  DNA methylation and DNA-protein interaction analysis with tiny amounts of DNA. The EpiNext Bisulfite -Seq High Sensitivity Kit creates sensitive bisulfite sequencing library using post bisulfite conversion DNA ligation method.  The DNA Library Preparation Kit is capable of creating libraries with a starting DNA input as less as 0.2 ng. By using EpiNext kits, the entire process can be completed in less than eight hours, saving lot of time and resources.

Source: PRWeb

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