Fluxion Biosciences’ IsoFlux System for “Liquid Biopsy”

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The IsoFlux System developed by Fluxion Biosciences – a California, USA based provider of cellular analysis tools is an automated microfluidic instrument for high sensitivity enrichment of rare cells like stem cells, circulating tumor cells (CTCs) and immune cells. The new IsoFlux System was introduced in November last year and the first batch of orders was successfully delivered to leading pharma and biotech companies and research institutes last month.

The IsoFlux System recovers the CTCs that have broken free from primary tumors, flowing in the peripheral blood stream from the standard blood draw and prepares these CTCs for molecular analysis.  These CTCs are usually found in very low concentrations and can’t be retrieved easily using conventional methods. The samples from IsoFlux System are then analyzed downstream directly using analytical platforms like real-time qPCR, Next Generation Sequencing and Immunofluorescence.

The IsoFlux System allows users to add in multiple capture antibodies,  use the isolation marker of choice and also makes it easier to define their own criteria using open access bead chemistry. Fluxion’s IsoFlux System is being widely used for various applications including clinical trial patient testing, longitudinal monitoring of patients during treatment, replacing tissues in biopsies for hard to reach cancers in lungs and pancreas.

IsoFlux is a highly flexible system and its ability to perform “liquid biopsies” is ranked among the world’s top technology innovators and it has been awarded R&D Magazine’s 2013 R&D 100 Awards. The IsoFlux System has been efficiently put to use for developing new diagnostics and treatments for cancer patients everywhere.

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