Free Trial of oCelloScope, a 3D Scanner for Microbiological Analysis

Phillips is offering a free 3-week trial of oCelloScope, an automated 3D optical scanner of biological samples. The new instrument measures bacterial growth much faster than any other existing methods. This high-throughput screening device features high resolution images and time-lapse videos that produce reliable growth curves. Measurements can be performed in samples such as blood, urine, milk or water.

oCelloScope is compatible with standard microtiter plates with different well number and size. Bacteria, cells, algae, fungi, yeast and embryos can be analyzed. The device can be introduced in incubators for measurements at specific temperatures.

To start an experiment, oCelloScope needs to be connected to a PC. After samples are pipetted, the microtiter plate is loaded and fastened. The experiment parameters -wells to be analyzed, illumination level and time, number of images, scan area length, number of repetitions, repetition interval- are easily selected in the accompanying software, which can control several oCelloScopes. The scanning process can be followed in real time, as the images and graphs are being produced. Anomalies in individual wells can be detected. Data can be exported in Excel format, and videos are saved in AVI format.

oCelloScope’s scanning technology combined with the proprietary software allows to detect condensation, crystals and inhomogeneous samples, which traditional plate readers don’t compensate for.

Source: oCelloScope

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