Google’s Deep Mind Embarks on the Journey to Fight Cancer Using Artificial Intelligence


Researchers at Google’s Deep Mind are stepping into artificial intelligence (AI) to beat cancer. The ultimate goal of the London-based AI start-up, also an acquisition of Google last year, is to utilize nanotechnology to turn off cancer cells. In fact, Google’s Life Sciences division has kick start the mapping of cancer cells then.  Being regarded as “the most advanced AI think thank worldwide”, Deep Mind is looking into achieving a breakthrough in the search of cancer cure.

Artificial intelligence has indeed raised new hopes for cancer patients. Berg’s cancer therapeutic by the name BPM 31510, is one of the promising drug candidates uncovered with the AI platform and has since been in the early clinical trials by 2012. Cancer Commons, on the other hand, is a non-profit that taps into AI to develop cancer models to predict individual responses to cancer therapies and in search of effective personalized cancer treatments.

In addressing the risks and fears arisen with regards to the use of AI, the team at Deep Mind has signed a doctrine that encompasses the ethics governing AI. With that, AI may soon make life changing differences in the fight of cancer.

 Source: London Evening Standard 

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