Grenova´s Pipette Tip Cleaner is Economical and Ecological

Grenova has launched the Tipnovus, a benchtop washing device that enables labs to wash used pipette tips. The tips can be washed and reused several times before being eventually recycled. The Tipnovus, presented at Pittcon 2015, drops lab costs in consumables between 50 and 90%.


Two million kg of pipette tips are sent to landfills every year. Apart fro the environmental cost, this is a major economical cost for laboratories worldwide. Many lab managers would be eager to clean and reuse pipettes if there was a reliable way to to so. Now Grenova is giving them the opportunity of having a more efficient and eco-friendly lab with the Tipnovus, a high-throughput, benchtop tip washer with an optional tip dryer. The device can wash 24 tip racks per hour. The washes can be customized through the LEAF graphical interface, which also displays the wash progress. Tipnovus dispenses four cleaning reagents through individual presurized ports. UV irradiation kills virtually all microorganisms, while ultrasounds remove small contaminants.

TipNovus™ won the Editors’ Bronze Award, given to the Best New Products at PITTCON 2015. This prize acknowledges innovation in technology, design, or analytical applications. Grenova was a finalist in the “Innovation in Technology Builder” category at the 20th annual RichTech Gala. In this event, the Richmond Technology Council rewards local technology-based economy initiatives.

Grenova offers on-site consulting services to help labs reduce their consumable waste and become more sustainable.


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