Hamilton Robotics Introduces VANTAGE Pipetting Platform for Labs


Hamilton Robotics, one of the leading laboratory automation solutions providers has recently introduced the new Hamilton VANTAGE liquid handling platform for laboratories. This new high throughput pipetting platform features an advanced linear motor design along with contact free NanoPulse pipetting technology that enables VANTAGE to operate in a wide volume range between 100 nL to 1 mL.

Hamilton VANTAGE is an economic piece of equipment, multipurpose and highly flexible that can be used for preparing a wide range of samples with increased precision and traceability. Being a benchtop model, it can be easily accommodated in the laboratories. Depending up on the requirements, VANTAGE can also be upgraded with a Logistics Cabinet to support tip and plate shuttling from pipette deck, integrate smart waste solutions etc. TrackGripper can be used to transport samples between VANTAGE and other third party devices also.

The easy to use INSTINCT V software with automation intelligence and multiple editors for programming makes it easier for users with different experience levels to operate VANTAGE with minimal training. The software also provides remote system monitoring capability on mobile devices for increased walk-away time, including overnight and weekend runs. A single vertically integrated VANTAGE liquid handling platform can replace four to six pipetting robots, while offering more functionality than other platforms.

Source: Hamilton Robotics

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