HORIBA Launches Enhanced XploRA™ PLUS Raman Spectrometer


HORIBA Scientific is announcing the launch of XploRA™ PLUS, a compact Raman spectrometer that compromises on space but does not compromise on image resolution, data quality and reliability for multi-sample detection.

Announced at PITTCON, the XploRA™ PLUS is a high performance and fully confocal Raman microscope based on the XploRA ONE™. It offers options such as multiple laser wavelengths, simple operation, complete automation, EMCCD detection, AFM coupling, Raman polarization and even a fully functional light microscope. It uses a deep cooled CCD detector technology instead of air cooled CCD detectors that the previous ONE™ comes with.  It uses HORIBA’s SWIFT ultrafast Raman imaging that gives a high speed detector-stage coordination to make millisecond Raman mapping a reality. Coupled with LabSpec software, it offers a one click user interface, secure logins and automated Raman analysis. It is future-proofed given that it is compatible with atomic force microscopes for combined Raman-AFM and Tip Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy.

Source: azonano.com

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