Illumina Makes $1,000 Genome a Reality

Illumina NextSeq500Illumina has expanded its next generation sequencing portfolio by launching its NextSeq 500 and HiSeq X Ten Systems. . These new high throughput sequencer rapidly reduces the time taken for performing most popular genome sequencing to less than a day.

The new Illumina NextSeq 500 system is a compact, economical desktop system packed with state of the art optics, fluidics and chemistry to make next generation sequencing an everyday affair. It is a simple easy to use machine when it comes to operation, resembling a desktop sequencer but with the capability of performing a broad range of high throughput applications with one day turnaround time. Some of the popular sequencing applications include a whole human genome and up to 16 exomes, 20 non-invasive prenatal testing samples, 20 transcriptomes, 96 targeted panels and 48 gene expression samples. The data that’s generated in as less as 12 hours and 30 hours for 75 cycle sequencing run and paired 150 cycle reads respectively can be transferred, stored and analysed with the company’s BaseSpace or BaseSpace Onsite. NextSeq 500 comes with a price tag of $250,000.

The Illumina HiSeq X Ten launched alongside NextSeq 500 is the world’s first system that is capable of delivering full coverage genomes for as less as $1000. The new system is a combination of at least ten machines working together and it can deliver more than five genomes a day. Illumina has already received orders for HiSeq X Ten machines from Macrogen, Garvan Institute of Medical Research and the Broad Institute, which has ordered for a 14 machine configuration. Illumina, with its new HiSeq X Ten has become the first company to reach the less than $1000 per genome mark, overtaking the likes of Life Technologies and other companies who are working towards the same goal.

Source: Illumina

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