It’s Here!! $1,000 Whole Genome Sequencing, With Results Browsable on Smartphones

Veritas Genomics

Veritas Genetics has announced its $1,000 whole genome sequencing service whose results will be browsable on smartphones.

The MyGenome service announced last year and set to be officially launching this month will give its clients and their physicians deep insights into their whole genome. Veritas Genomics is going one step ahead and making the genomic database accessible via a smartphone application.

Massachusett based Veritas Genomics was one of the first companies involved in Human Genome Project. The cost for this came to a whopping $3.7 billion and took 6 years. The latest offering comes at medically affordable cost and adds an additional element of portability by giving access to the same genome via a smartphone app. The app will be a portal to navigate, search and annotate the genome somewhere in the cloud.

Compared to 23andMe which gives results from DNA location with known connection to specific diseases, the myGenome genetic test will decode the entire genome and provide the raw data which can be used by physicians. Trained physicians can use this data to predict future diseases, recommend drugs and diet, do parental test and many other things that were not possible with genotypic tests provided by 23andMe.

Interested individuals will need to obtain their doctor’s orders before placing an order with Veritas Genomics to sequence their entire genome.


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