Lab Wars, the Card Game Inspired by Research

lab wars board game

Credit: Lab Wars.

A postdoc from the Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge and a clinical psychologist from the University of Hertfordshire have conceived a card game based on life in a research laboratory. With the game, the authors want to bring the general public closer to the reality of being a scientist, focusing on the competitive and human aspects of this professional career.

The card game is based on real -although exaggerated- situations that scientists live on the lab, and is inspired by the book “The Secret Anarchy of Science” by Michael Brooks, their own anecdotes and those of colleagues. Last summer, while on holiday in Spain, the creators designed the cards and played extensively to polish the game. They further tested it with non-scientist players, who found it fun and replayable. The game is in its last testing phase. In the following months, the designers plan to launch a Kickstarter campaign.

The team

Caezar Al-Jassar, Ph.D is an enthusiastic board gamer from Bristol. He got a B.Sc from Cardiff University in Pharmacology and his Ph.D from Birmingham University in molecular and structural biology. 

Kuly Heer, Ph.D from the Midlands, was a gamer since she was little. She has avidly played cards, board games and video games. She got a B.Sc in Psychology from Aston University and her Ph.D in Psychology from Birmingham University.

Nizar Ilman, from Indonesia, is the principal illustrator. Chosen among six artists, illustrating is his passion. 

Crimzon Studio graphic designers in Mumbai have previous experience in fundraisings for board games and will supervise the design process.

Source: LabWars


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