Labcritics’ Small Step to Streamline Decision Making

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Labcritics is proud to announce its first major step towards becoming a decision support system for researchers. A place where researchers/decision makers can quickly decide on a product, find a trust-able distributor and initiate first contact.


What started as a blog a year ago, we soon realized that the currently available sources of information, both online and offline were not enough to make decisions when it comes to lab equipment and products.  Most online information sources are highly incomplete and the information provided in inadequate to make decisions. Researchers even till today use peer recommendations when deciding on lab equipment: this is something from which we have taken a lot of inspiration from.


Labcritics is taking the first steps in creating an online resource of lab equipment information that helps researchers in making quick decisions. We compare, categorize, rate and review every single equipment available to purchase, find out who sells them and how do their customers find them. Our reviews are a combination of our personal reviews, inputs from published researchers and combined reviews from around the web, just to make sure we weren’t biased in the first place. This avoids issues that other competing online services face in the form of absent, incomplete, bogus and fake reviews, which has the potential to ruin sales and confuse buyers.


We seek to bring the same kind of transparency to lab equipments that consumer goods such as mobile phones and laptops have been treated with. Blog and magazine reviews have been the source of consumer decisions since more than a decade for goods that cost no-where as much as lab equipment. These third party reviews help educate the buyer about their needs and the strengths and weakness of the product.


We believe that we can make an impact not just in the way researchers purchase equipment, but also in the way manufacturers and distributors sell them. Raising the overall quality of the equipments and service in the process. Meanwhile, we will continue to bring you the latest from the world of lab equipment. Read more about the new marketplace here.

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