Leica Announces 3D Microscopy Tools for Lab Research

3D microscopesLeica Microsystems is introducing new tools and software that enable high resolution 3D imaging, analysis, measurement and visualization. With 3D microscopy becoming more and more important for better understanding of cellular processes, the microscopy giant announced an upgrade to its award winning microscope, the Leica SR GSD 3D microscope and a 3D upgrade to its Leica Application Suite Advanced Fluorescence.

Leica SR GSD 3D

The first announcement is the Leica SR GSD 3D widefield fluorescence microscope that offers 3D super-resolution imaging and gives users the ability to localize signal molecules. Successor to the award winning Leica SR GSD microscope, the SR GSD 3D offers the maximum possible resolution in widefield microscopy and insures reproducibility. The new microscope is based on Ground State Depletion technology (GSD) and a fully automated Total Internal Reflection Flou-rescence system (TIRF), it is capable of attaining resolutions of up to 20nm in the lateral and 50 nm in the axial direction.

florescence lens 3D

The SR GSD is equipped with a 160x high performance objective which is optimized for high-power laser emissions, the lowest autofluorescence and the highest color correction. Localization of molecules in z-axis or 3D is enabled by using astigmatism. Astigmatism is the same annoying effect that makes your vacation images blurry. Leica uses this effect to its advantage by utilizing cylindrical lenses that help in locating the z-direction and enable 3D reconstruction using its proprietary software.  Other lust-worthy features include high precision single molecular localization and stabilization (thanks to SUpressed MOtion or SUMO) and a fully automated system and software.

Leica Application Suite Advanced Fluorescence

The lab microscopy giant also announced a 3D upgrade to its Leica Application Suite Advanced Florescence or LAS AF. The LAS AF now comes with features that enable 3D analysis, 3D measurements and 3D visualization. Although it is compatible with all of Leica’s widefield and confocal microscope systems, the 3D functionalities can be used only in conjunction with the Leica SR GSD 3D or for analyzing files from it.

Other features besides 3D analysis and visualization include an intelligent image gallery, support for more sCMOS cameras and an Adaptive Focus Control (AFC). AFC enhances hardware based focus stabilization and now works with a wide range of plastic dishes and plastic multi-well plates.

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