Leica FluoScout Tool to Ensure Better Fluorescence Microscopy


The online tool Leica FluoScout enables users of fluorescence microscopes to determine the best filter cube or filter set for achieving excellent imaging results.

Leica Microsystems, leaders in microscopes and microscopy solution has launched a new online tool for selecting the right filter cube or filter set to achieve excellent imaging results in fluorescence microscopes. The Leica FluoScout is an easy to use online application incorporated with smart functions that automatically recommends filter cubes suitable for the fluorophore chosen by the user.

In order to achieve better results in fluorescent microscopy, it is essential to make sure the light source, fluorophores and filter cubes are matched. When the excitation and emission filters are fit perfectly, the efficiency of excitation and emission of fluorophores increases and produces sharp images. Leica FluoScout makes this matching faster and easier while providing an option for users to seek quotations and request offers for recommended filter cubes . Leica FluoScout can be accessed here.

Source: Leica Microsystems

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