Low Energy Lab Cooling Without Compromising Sample Integrity

Thermo Scientific

Thermo Scientific is announcing a new ultra-low temperature freezer especially designed to save energy without compromising the integrity of your sweat soaked samples.

What specifically made us write about these often ignored pieces of lab gear, is the amount of innovation that went into making these continuously running lab tech more efficient. The Thermo Scientific TSX ultra-low temperature freezers are designed to be almost 50 percent more efficient than conventional lab freezers of the same size and 20 percent more quieter. These are designed specifically keeping in mind the protection of samples in cases where the door is frequently opened.

Adapting to Laboratory Needs

By continuously adapting to surrounding lab temperature, the TSX ultra-low freezers maintain temperature uniformity. The power efficiency comes without the expense of valuable sample integrity, that is often the choice that purchasing managers and decision makers have to make.

V-Drive Technology

Designed with the unique V-Drive technology instead of the usual single compressor designs, it mostly operates at low speed, keeping energy consumption in check along with sound. However, when the door is opened, the V-Drive speeds cooling inside to bring the temperature levels back to required levels.

Other innovative features include water-blown fan insulation instead of urethane insulated freezers, eliminating off-gassing. Its ergonomic, with a 600 box sample capacity to maximize storage within a 1.06m2 freezer footprint. A touch screen to set freezer temperature and access vital information and a USB port for importing and exporting data.

Source: BusinessWire

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