Mirus Bio Launches Hi-performance TransIT-X2 Transfection System


Mirus Bio LLC, a Wisconsin, US based biotechnology company has announced the launch of its new transfection system. The new TransIT-X2 Dynamic Delivery System is a high performance broad spectrum transfection system designed for high efficiency nucleic acid delivery.

The new TransIT-X2 Dynamic Delivery System uses a new non-liposomal polymeric delivery system that replaces the traditional virus borne and physical disruption technologies that has been widely used until now for gene delivery. The new TransIT-X2 system is a product of years of research, developed after thoroughly understanding the barriers to transfection and devising ways to overcome them.

TransIT-X2 can be used for independent or simultaneous delivery of plasmid DNA or siRNA into a vast array of cell types, making it an efficient and versatile transfection system.

Source :Mirus Bio

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