Moonshot Mission to Build AI Scientist Takes Off

A newly formed non-profit is aiming to do what has been only the premise of sci-fi novels: To build an AI scientist capable of doing far more for humanity than what humans have in terms of biological research.

Future House led by Eric Schmidt (Founder of Google) has announced the launch of AI Scientist goal. The team will focus on developing semi-autonomous AI scientists that will revolutionize the field of biological research. The primary aim is to speed up the discovery and also set up a standard point in accessing state of the art global scientific efficiency benefiting mankind as a whole for generations to come.

One of the major bottlenecks of research today is the lack of manpower involved in designing and testing new hypotheses. While new techniques and robotics allow us to scale experiments and computation allows us to crunch data, no single human is capable of multitasking or reading the amount of research papers being published today. This puts us at a major disadvantage and gives us a problem worth solving.

Future House led by Andrew White will be working to create artificial general intelligence, way beyond what’s capable by the current generative AI models. While extremely ambitious, any successes achieved here can be applied to other areas beyond biology research.  Andrew White has some experience having previously worked on ChemCrow, a language-based agent that can automatically design and execute chemical reactions.

The team will be based out of San Francisco, a stone’s throw away from OpenAI and a metro ride away from infinite talent at Stanford and UC Berkeley. If you or anyone you know is interested in being the co-creator of AI scientist, Future House has openings that you could apply for.

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