New Additions to the Fluent Liquid Handling Platform



Tecan has launched new hardware and software options to increase the possibilities of the Fluent Laboratory Automation Solutions. The new air displacement Flexible Channel Arm offers high definition liquid handling, greater accuracy and precision. The new system is simpler and increases lab productivity, and is specially suited to high throughput genomics applications. The FluentControl™ software has been upgraded with the Application Toolkit, which adds standard commands for common tasks like quantification and normalisation workflows. This saves a lot of time and effort as it is not necessary to program scripts.

Fluent is a laboratory automation solution by Tecan, a high precision liquid handling platform which features rapid pippeting, integrated consumables storage and microplate tracking, optimized deck capacity up to 72 plate positions, interchangeable work deck segments, touchscreen interface, personalized user operation and graphics, and many other advantages.

Fluent highlights
  • Fast, streamlined workflows (three independent arms)
  • Adaptive Signal Technology™ that saves sample and reagent volume
  • Path Finder™ technology for increased accuracy and precision
  • Choice between liquid and air displacement technologies
  • Increased walkaway time thanks to FluentControl™
  • Easily reconfigurable Dynamic Deck™
  • Exceptional ease of use and enhanced process security with the touchscreen interface
  • Instant access to the workdeck with Fluent’s Active Stop and Resume function
  • Easy programming and operation with FluentControl™ software
  • Powerful liquid handling with FluentControl™
  • Application Toolkit to create interfaces
  • 3D simulations to test a program
  • Method Approval function to prevent unauthorized changes
  • Robotic Gripper Arm for versatile tube or plate handling
  • Third-party device integration
  • Enhanced productivity with Tecan consumables

Source: Labmate online

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