New Quantitative Pathology Imaging System Vectra 3

44-178268_vectra-automated-quantitative-pathology-imaging-system_220x220Perkin Elmer has released a new system for quantitative pathology imaging research, the Vectra 3. The automated, high-throughput device has seven color multiplexing and visualization capabilities that allow researchers to reach a deeper understanding of disease mechanisms.

The Vectra 3 can quantify and phenotype immune cells in fixed tissues, which can help researchers understand the role of these cells in tumoral environments. It features a 10x whole slide imaging and an interface called Phenochart where users can make annotations or select sample regions for a more detailed acquisition. A crucial improvement respect to older imaging systems is the color detection capacity: up to seven colors can be identified and quantified in each slide, allowing use of multiple biomarkers and better understanding of the spatial context. With these innovations, small tissue sections can be better analyzed for cancer mechanisms, and immunotherapies can be developed.


Vectra 3 Phenoptics technology to characterize immune and cancer cells

Phenoptics allows to phenotype and quantify immune cells in a solid tumor environment, while retaining the cellular spatial relationships and specificity of immunohistochemistry from formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissues.

Vectra 3 is avaliable in 6- or 200-slide configurations. Both detect weak or overlapping marker expression in single tissue sections. The inForm software allows quantitative analysis of the images, following a recognizable digital pathology workflow. Tissues can be labeled with immunofluorescent (IF), immunohistochemical (IHC), H&E and trichrome stains. In IF and HC staining, multiple proteins can be measured per tissue, cell or cell compartment. The Phenochart whole slide viewer allows identification of regions of interest in each slide.

Perkin elmer offers workflow solutions that comprise staining, imaging, analysis and research services.

Source: PerkinElmer


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