Next Generation Dried Plasma Spot Technology


Shimazdu and Novilytic have partnered to develop a new dried plasma spot technology. An unmeasured amount from 20 to 75 uL of whole blood are needed to collect 2.5 uL of plasma in just minutes. Noviplex cards eliminate the need for phlebotomy, venipuncture, blood collection tubes and centrifuges.

The new system is ideal to collect plasma from finger sticks or mouse tail bleeds. A drop of blood is deposited on the test area of the card. The blood goes through a spreading and a separating layer and plasma is collected in a reservoir. After 3 minutes, the top layer of the card is pealed back, and the plasma spot can be dried and removed for processing. Noviplex cards eliminate the need for time consuming techniques such as solid phase extraction, centrifugation and evaporation. The technology is ideal for use with LC-MS/MS analysis.

The Noviplex Plasma Prep Cards now come in two formats – the original Noviplex Plasma Prep Cards and the Noviplex Duo Plasma Prep Cards.

Properties of the Noviplex cards

  • 99% removal of red blood cells (based on Hb levels in plasma).
  • Plasma sampling volumes of 2.5 µL (7.6 µL DUO).
  • Inter-card CV of ~1% (~3% DUO) in plasma collection volume at constant hematocrit (HCT).
  • Inter-card CV of 2% collection volume variation with 20% to 71% HCT
  • Proteins are deposited as a monolayer upon drying.
  • Metabolites are present in the protein monolayer.


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