Nicoya Launches New Surface Plasmon Resonance Instrument

nicoya spr-xt surface plamon resonanceNicoya Lifesciences has launched OpenSPR-XT, a new, affordable, fully-automated surface plasmon resonance instrument. OpenSPR-XT can provide affinity, kinetics and specificity measurements for proteins, antibodies, nucleic acids and small molecules. The spectrophotometer was presented at PepTalk 2016 (The Protein Science Week) in San Diego, CA.

Nicoya Lifesciences is a nanotechnology company that produces sensors. The OpenSPR line of surface plasmon resonance (SPR) spectrophotometers is based on Nicoya’s proprietary nanosensors, which make these instruments much cheaper than the average SPR. Nicoya’s OpenSPR instruments are robust, user-friendly, and provide a wide range of molecular interaction experiments. This is Nicoya’s best-known product and the first personal SPR instrument ever.

The new OpenSPR-XT is the last addition to the OpenSPR line of spectrophotometers. It has been integrated with an autosampler that allows automated, seamless operation.

Source: Nicoya

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