Nobel Laureate’s Sexist Comments Trigger Viral Twitter Backlash

Nobel laureate Tim Hunt’s sexist comments about girls “falling in love” and “cry when criticized” has led to huge social backlash and women researchers posting pictures of themselves in lab gear with the hashtag #distractignlysexy.

Apart from forcing Sir Tim Hunt to resign from his post at University College London, it has opened a can of worms that has repercussions across social media. By generalizing his own experiences and superimposing it to all other women scientists, Tim has thrown light over the discrimination women scientists face till today in laboratories.

Following the trend that’s becoming customary among Nobel Laureates to speak without thinking, Tim is following in the footsteps of Sir James Watson Crick who compared intelligent quotient with skin color. James too had to resign from his post and even selling his Nobel Prize.

Women across the world are responding in satirical way by posting pictures of themselves and their colleagues in regular lab wear. Below are a few examples.

#distractinglysexy #distractinglysexy #distractinglysexy

Some men joining in with their sexy attire

#distractinglysexy #distractinglysexy

Source: Twittter


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