Olympus Launches Workflow Oriented Incubation System for Live Cell Imaging


Olympus has launched a new modular, flexible incubation system in order to improve the capabilities of its renowned IX3 range of microscopes. The new cellVivo incubation system with darkroom and laser safety capabilities offers precise and ergonomic environmental control for advanced live cell imaging.

The Olympus cellVivo incubation system follows one-size-fits-all concept by utilizing modular approach with adapters for different IX73 and IX83 field types, and hence eliminating the need for multiple incubation systems. The cellVivo incubation system includes various enclosure types as base incubator boxes that can be easily modified, detached or assembled without using any tools.

The incubator box enclosures range from a simple standard plain transparent enclosure to a highly advanced light shielded enclosure with laser safety lock. The intelligent light shielded enclosure, fitted with cell friendly adjustable LED interior lighting and a non reflective glass viewing window completely eliminates the need for a dedicated darkroom. Additional attachable modules like temperature and gas controllers and stage inserts for multiwell plates and different sample types allows users to build custom systems according to their requirements.

The ergonomically designed incubator can be accessed with one hand, leaving the other hand free to handle specimens. It reduces the risk of contamination due to prolonged exposure to uncontrolled external environment by making allowance for swift movement of samples into and out of incubator.

The available cellVivo software can be programmed with predefined conditions for different sample types, thereby saving time. cellVivo software’s “traffic light” feature allows effective tracking of samples with the red indicating trouble, yellow for viable and green for stable microscopy conditions. The anytime, anywhere monitoring feature of the instrument automatically records experimental data and provides email alerts on the event of some problematic conditions arising during the course of operation.

Source: Olympus

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