Panasonic Releases New ‘Intelligent’ Cell Incubator Line

Cell Incubators CO2

Panasonic is taking some bold steps in making our laboratories more intelligent, by releasing a complete new line of smart incubators. Equipped with a full color touch screen based input, a first for a cell incubator, the CellIQ line provides ease of use and speed of operation that researchers could have only dreamt of until now.

The CellIQ series of incubators come with impressive decontamination speed of under 3 hours and a CO² recovery speed of 2 mins. It replaces the standard heat decontamination in favor of Sterisonic® hydrogen peroxide (H²O²) along with SafeCell UV technology. Panasonic has an entire paper about the benefits of H²O² decontamination over heat here.

The main feature that gives Panasonic confidence to call it an intelligent incubator is its touch LCD based input that lets user’s have complete power over their cells. It can be used to work on different protocols, add set-point configurations, sensitive parameters and even define security.

Dual infrared sensor detectors are in charge of monitoring and replacing the CO² content after multiple door openings, without any overshoot. Temperature is controlled by a direct hear and air jacket system, instead of the more commonly used water jacket system. Humidity is managed by Panasonic’s ‘Dew stick’ coating. Panasonic calculates an 80% time savings for researchers and a perfect for high temperature and contamination sensitive cell lines or media. Some of the areas indicated to be suited are: stem cell research, autologous tissue regeneration & regenerative medicine, In vitro fertilization, genomic and proteomic expression, esoteric plant and amphibian cell culture, hypersensitive and transgenic cell culture, low media volume microplate work, etc.

Source: Panasonic

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