PerkinElmer Introduces New-Gen AxION iQT Tandem Mass Spectrometer


PerkinElmer has introduced a new advanced AxION iQT gas chromatography tandem mass spectrometer (GC/MS/MS) at the American Society for Mass Spectrometry (ASMS) 2013 conference happening in Minneapolis from June 9 to 13. The new AxION iQT system incorporates easy-to-use technology to provide faster results along with more specific selective data necessary for taking accurate decisions.

The new system has greater quantitative capabilities than that of the triple quadrupole, while quickly identifying compounds like a Q-TOF at a rate of up to 500 compounds per second. The unique interface in AxION iQT system makes it compatible with a wide range of GCs, and the ion sources can be interchanged, to meet the requirements for any type of sample.

The AxION iQT is a small modular intuitive system that enables easy operation and maintenance. The automated method development tools including advanced application centric software delivered by AxION iQT is the first for any of its kind (MS/MS technology).

PerkinElmer’s AxION iQT delivers highly specific and sensitive MS/MS results for a wide range of applications. Some of the applications include analysis of pesticides in food samples, quantitation of non derivatized steroids, cholesterol and therapeutic drug monitoring in research applications, drug analysis in forensic toxicology and thorough analysis of chemical compositions.

Source: PerkinElmer

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