Porvair Sciences Launches Krystal Glass Bottomed Microplates


Porvair Sciences, one of the leading manufacturers of microplates and microplate accessories has launched its newest offering, Krystal. The Krystal range, available in 24-, 96- and 384- well formats are glass bottomed microplates with excellent light transmission and ultra-flat optical plane making them ideal for the purposes of imaging growing cells.

The new Krystal plates are available sterilized or non sterilized for tissue culture to optimize cell culture and for assay development respectively. The deep black and brilliant white plates are available for fluorescence studies and luminescence/absorbance work respectively. The glass bottom of these Krystal plates makes it easier for positioning and imaging when used with confocal microscopes. In addition, these lidded plates are compatible with automated liquid handling and robotic devices available in the market. When used for light emitting assays, the emissions can be measured directly through the plate’s glass base with high levels of accuracy and sensitivity, thanks to the special design that eliminates cross talk between wells which is inherent in other clear bottomed plates.

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