PowerClean Pro DNA and RNA Clean-Up Kits for Inhibitor-Free Samples

MO BIO Laboratories

It is now possible to get rid of amplification inhibitors from purified DNA and RNA sample in as less as 7 minutes by using MO BIO Laboratories‘ newly launched PowerClean Pro DNA and RNA Clean-Up Kits. PowerClean Pro, with patented Inhibitor Removal Technology (IRT) is the latest of the company’s Power line of kits for use in PCR, qPCR and NGS applications.

The new kit is capable of removing amplification inhibitors like humic substances, heme, polysaccharides, polyphenolics and lipids from soil, water, plants, seeds, biofilms and other sample types to provide pure nucleic acids that can be used for studies. PowerClean Pro is more streamlined and has fewer steps with 7 minute protocol than its predecessor, PowerClean Clean-Up Kit. The presence of inhibiting substance in starting nucleic acid sample is sometimes indicated by the amber or brown color, and MO BIO Laboratories’ PowerClean Pro Clean-Up removes these inhibitors to turn the samples colorless. It can be used to purify archived DNA samples as well.

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