PowerViral Environmental Kit to Isolate DNA/RNA from Challenging Samples

MO BIO PowerViral Environmental RNA/DNA Isolation KitMO BIO Laboratories, the leading manufacturer of nucleic acid isolation and purification kits has added one more product to its extensive range. The new PowerViral Environment RNA/DNA Isolation Kit with the patented Inhibitor Removal Technology (IRT) can be used to isolate bacterial and viral nucleic acids from a range of samples including stool, biosolids and waste water.

The IRT effectively removes contaminants in the sample that inhibits isolation of the nucliec acid of interest and makes it easier to obtain pure nucleic acids ready for use in PCR, RT- qPCR, cDNA synthesis etc. The kit is also available with optional glass bead tubes for lysing bacterial cells and other solid samples using bead beating protocol. The new PowerViral Environmental RNA/DNA Isolation Kit is optimized for isolating DNA from challenging samples effortlessly.

Source: MO BIO Laboratories

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