PrimePCR Now Available for Bio-Rad’s ddPCR Systems

Bio-Rad PrimePCRBio-Rad has further expanded its PrimePCR range of products by introducing assays for droplet digital PCR systems. Until now PrimePCR assays were available only for real-time PCRs, and by launching droplet digital PCR (ddPCR) compatible assays, it has extended the capabilities of the company’s ddPCR systems to handle 46 additional mutation detection assays and 323 copy number assays.

This new release also makes it possible for researchers to use the existing gene expression qPCR only assays with Bio-Rad’s QX200 ddPCR systems. These new ddPCR assays saves researchers from designing assays for digital PCRs and optimizing them for precision and sensitivity as they come predesigned and wet-lab validated. This helps researchers save time on the design, allowing them to focus more on actual research.

Bio-Rad’s PrimePCR mutation detection assay can be used with ddPCR systems to detect a single mutant molecule among 100,000 of wild type sequences. The ddPCR technology is capable enough to provide the absolute measure of target DNA molecules in a sample. These ddPCR assays can efficiently recognise and differentiate gene copies with small-fold changes and resolve it. Bio-Rad PrimePCR ddPCR assays are compatible with Bio-Rad’s QX100 and QX200 platforms and they are available in multiple reaction sizes.

Source: Bio-Rad

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