Profoundly Improved WriteLaTeX Rebrands as Overleaf


WriteLaTeX is rebranding itself to WriteLatex to Overleaf, thereby indicating the completion of its transition from an online Latex document editing system to a whole new way of writing, editing, sharing and reviewing not just scientific papers but also books, resumes, formal letters, posters, presentations and even homework assignments.

What started as a way to collaborate over the internet to edit scientific documents, writeLatex has seen widespread use among researchers. According to its co-founder, since its launch WriteLatex has helped compile over 1.5 billion pages serving over 150,000 authors around the world. Borrowing the idea of real time collaborating from Etherpad, the researchers applied the same principles to Latex, providing a single place to collaborate, write, share, mange and get inputs from reviewers. Some of the really useful features borrowed from Git is its improved version control feature that helps maintain records of edits made, helping recover and compare with previous versions.


There have been noticeable improvements to writeLaTeX since the past one year. Some mention-able features like direct submissions to partner journals and easy peer review system are quite popular with researchers and publishers who can break free from email based editing.

Direct submissions to partner journals and easy peer review system

macbook overleaf

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