Promega’s New ViaFect Offers Higher Transfection Efficiency

promega viafectResearchers are now able to develop transfection-based assays in various cell lines with the launching of Promega Corporation’s ViaFect Transfection Reagent. This reagent has proven higher transfection efficiency and lower toxicity, allowing cells to remain viable and metabolically active throughout the transfection process. Studies have in fact reported better performance in Promega’s ViaFect reagent as compared to Life Technologies’ Lipofectamine 2000.

In addition, this reagent also enables the development of assays like adherent cell models, suspension cells and stem cell-derived cell lines, which are difficult to transfect and not possible with other reagents. ViaFect Transfection Reagent boasts of its simple assay design with an easy-to-use three-step protocol that requires minimal optimization and eliminates the need for serum and culture medium removal or washing during transfection-based experiments.

With its superior performance, ViaFect reagent can be employed in a wide range of applications, including transfection for reporter gene assays, cell signaling studies, cancer and stem cell research as well as in protein production.

Source: Promega

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