qMicro by Izon Science for Analysis of Cells and Micro-scale Particles

iZon qMicro

Izon Science has launched a new bench-top equipment for analyzing cells and other micro scale particles. The new qMicro device is a simple, economical, robust and compact device that can be used for sizing and counting cells, an important task in many research studies.

The new qMicro device adopts the company’s nano-scale measurement technology to measure cells and other particles in micron scale. The robust micropore technology used in qMicro eliminates the need for expensive dyes or reagents, thus keeping the operating costs low. Izon’s qMicro is a new type of Coulter counter doing the functions of Flow Cytometry and Fluorescent Activated Cell Sorting (FACS) to provide information regarding the size and number of cells with great accuracy without causing any damage to the samples.

With the new qMicro, Izon’s particle-by-particle analysis range expands up to around 300µm to enable simple, rapid and accurate sizing, counting and analysis of cells and other micron scale particles in solutions. The device has a wide range of application including cancer research, cell culture and haematology.

Source: iZon

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