Refurbish Your Laboratory With the Royal Society Wolfson Grant

Sheffield University

UK scientists working in the field of ‘omics’ are being given an opportunity to obtain new lab equipment via the recently introduced Royal Society Wolfson Laboratory Refurbishment Grant. The grant seeks to provide funds to upgrade equipment at aging laboratories in United Kingdom and research labs that lab vital equipment for conducting research.

With the aim of improving the infrastructure of laboratories in the UK, the Royal Society in partnership with Wolfson Laboratory as sponsors is seeking out full-time researchers working in the areas of “omics” technologies such as genomics, proteomics, transcriptomics or metabolomics. Laboratories can get funding of up to £250,000, with the costliest equipment not being costlier than £50,000. The grant does not allow construction of a new jacuzzi or even setting up new laboratories in the premises, but only allows for upgrading the infrastructure at university leased or owned laboratories.

Source: Royal Society

Image Source: Sheffield Univeristy

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